A family run animal genetics business


Our client is a family business that has established itself firmly into a global niche, thanks to its proprietary genetics and a drive to become an international player. However, the business was very dependent on its owner, and the fast growth momentum meant a lot of pressure on his time. A strategy and a management structure was required to take the business to a higher level of value and wealth creation.


The issue

While the business was operating in about a dozen countries, spread across Russia, the Far East, Europe and North America, the company needed a management information system to drive performance and accountability. The business was very reactive to large transactions coming from certain markets but lacked the management systems to create and manage sustained performance in the other markets.

On the people side, there was potential to grow a management team, but not enough time nor delegation capacity to do it.


The outcome

Each market was scoped thoroughly. A sales management system was created to assist the senior sales managers and the local sales teams,  and a training programme designed to align the key areas of performance required across all countries. A consolidated management dashboard allowed the business to be managed more precisely and in a timely fashion across geographies. This also helped to strengthen the brand around our Client’s Way of delivering the service and products across all markets.

A range of strategic and commercial decisions were made about various markets such  divesting from low performing markets and investing further into growing markets.

The owner has also been working with Catalyst on a 1:1 tailored leadership coaching programme to assist him in creating space for a senior team, so he could delegate more.


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