An Intellectual Property Practice


Our client is a top Intellectual Property practice, with a long standing pedigree and a reputation for quality. Their clients are large multinationals with full Intellectual Property  portfolios to manage, as well as small innovative companies in need to protect their intellectual capital so they can grow and monetise their innovations.


The issue

Our client has a long standing pedigree exceeding 80 years, and successive generations of attorneys, who have witnessed and managed the most challenging new technological advances and related legislations changes  since early last century. The Practice was in need of updating and synchronising core processes in order to respond to new clients’ needs, in the current global IP market. Equally, with such a long standing inherited client base, the Practice was in need of recruiting new clients in order to renew its growth potential.


The outcome

Catalyst worked with Partners and staff, and set up teams to carry out defined projects across the practice. Core processes were reviewed in detail.  Innovative use of the existing IT platform allowed streamlining of some reporting processes. Strategically, the core processes were aligned to the business critical success factors, and people competences realigned around those processes.

A sales and marketing function was established, and new activities measured through a new CRM system.

Identified key areas of performance are now measurable, and new management routines ensure that the Practise is focused on achieving results while maintaining quality of service, rather than just processing client work from a technical mindset. The business is back on a growth trajectory, and the teams are adding to the management capacity of the Partners.


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