You are concerned with sluggish performance

You are worried about the sluggish trend in your  business performance, or you just have restructured your business. 

What aspects are you worried about? Where is the decline in  performance coming from ?


  • Are you worried about the quality of your profits going down? This would mean that your clients and customers are asking for lower pricing or other features you may not currently offer? You are unsure what to do, and your brand is losing its definition, and you don’t know why.


  • Have you noticed a regular drop in the quantity of your profits over time?


  • You know you need a change programme, but are not sure as to what strategy to adopt? You feel in transition, as you may have undertaken some restructuring changes, but the figures are only one part of the transition. What about your commercial, customers, people and management strategies? How can you become wholesome again?

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